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Enochian: bases, structures, concepts and sources

Enochian: bases, structures, concepts and sources

(By Frater Thul Alger)

Amid all the hermetic movement and its ramifications, initiated in half of the fifteenth century, we see a lot of similarities, which may well contribute to our appreciation of the later work of John Dee.

Marsilio Ficino, for example, was the first to give impetus to this movement, it sought to polarize the Platonism with Christianity, and their efforts sought to demonstrate that there would be a solid and consistent tradition, coming from Hermes Trismegistus to Plato, followed by a Zoroastrian , Orphic and Pythagorean affirming the need for man to attain self-awareness of his own immortality and divinity by illumination through a rational enlightenment (ratio), intellectual (mens) and imaginative (fantasy and spiritus), and means for determining this bias, that all things exist in God stated in the Bible, or emanate from God there cited.

Already Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, who was a disciple of Ficino, decided to study the Kabbalah and the Torah and combine it with philosophy, and many other features, said that the god mentioned in the Bible, Torah, Koran and Talmud created man to enjoy his work, Mirandola is that states that man ascends to angelic status, where Folosofia and falls into the stages of plant and animal, when failure to use his philosophy.

Giordano Bruno was born in 1548 ev, or 50 years after the death of Ficino, developed concepts and peculiar, and was pursued to the extreme on their behalf.

Bruno's theory, the universe is infinite, populated by countless solar systems, and sometimes inhabited by intelligent life, and God quoted in monotheism, would in his view the universal soul of the world from which all material things are manifestations clarazii just born this principle infinite.

These movements all have in common the fact they were born in the period called the Renaissance man, and be imbued in many of the concepts of the ancient philosophers, but mainly contained much of Plotinus - considered the father of neo-Platonism - as their driving force .

But there were other things moving in the background of the society of that time.

An immense feeling of discomfort with the fact that in all the texts observed and studied, where the looming shadow of helplessness in the people elected as quotes from books that claim the monotheistic dogma. For no matter the efforts made in pursuit of understanding and knowledge development within the theme by Bruno, Ficino, Mirandola and others who followed, always in the eyes of students and teachers is the idea of the superiority of the chosen people, on the other people.

This produced in many a feeling that sometimes alternates shame with anger, or envy with jealousy, because for a follower of the precepts of dogma, even when he was a philosopher, this shortcoming was always present. What in their own conceptions was something unacceptable, since in the overwhelming majority of cases, students and teachers, were all of Celtic or Northern ascendancy.

And from the perspective of bases above reported that John Dee, who lived from 1527 until 1609 the vulgar Christian era, raised his treatise on the Enochian.

However, even before alicersarmos our attention on the notes left by Dee, back to the same Hermeticism and its structures.

The basis of this movement is on texts that have been attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, called "Corpore Hermeticum, which were originally translated into Greek by Psellos and Ulf Ospaksson in Byzantium, and then suffered a subsequent translation into Latin by Marsilio Fisino of the above mentioned, and probably the text that comes from Sabeans undergone considerable changes, when passed through the hands of his translators, mainly at the hands of Fisino.

It is known that the "Corpore Hermeticum" is a text of similar characteristics to those found for example between the work of the Essenes and their predecessors, the Hasidic Jews.

The Essenes professed to worship the mythical figure of Hermes Trismegistus, which they identified with Enoch, and the apocryphal text that cites the contact of the angels with human women, you end up with the nephelins, is credited with the figure of Enoch.

Added to this, we should note an interesting fact I've only been adding information to our goals.

There were other people who adopted the customs of the Essenes, whose city was originally used as an outpost of Sumerian city of Uruk, is in possession of customs astronomical, religious and symbolic nature of the Sumerians and Babylonians.

This was the people of harranitas or Sabean, also known as Sabine, as were then known in the region now called Iraq.

Your city, Harran, located in northern Mesopotamia was conquered

the Arabs between 633 E.V. and 643 ev, but even though converted to Islam, the

harranitas kept their pagan practices of worshiping the moon and the seven planets

then known. Regarded as neo-Platonic, chosen by the imposition of

dominant religion, the figure of Hermes Trismegistus to represent them as

prophet. A group of harranitas moved to Baghdad where he maintained a

distinct community called Sabines.

We should note that this is coupled with the fact that there were already the Kurds, who in their origin were Yezidis, and offered strong resistance to the Arabs throughout their history, a fact which was taken as a strategy for settling the harranitas in the region of Baghdad - and as we know the Yezidis contains Mithraic and Gnostic elements in their worship.

Both Harran as the community of Sabeans in Baghdad consisted of educated people, who dominated the Greek and had great knowledge and literature, philosophy, logic, astronomy, mathematics, and science secret on cultures of Arabs and Greeks. The Sabines kept their semi-independence until the eleventh century, when they were probably destroyed by the orthodox Islamic forces because they do not hear much about them from the year 1000 the common era.

By 1041 the common era, Psellos Byzantium received a large amount of documents and the Sabeans well as Harran, possibly brought to Byzantium by caravans of merchants, who knew the immense library that was in the city.

Among the texts harranitas who were brought there, was the "... Corpore Hermeticum ...", which is the basis for knowledge called tight nowadays.

John Dee who was repeatedly accused of witchcraft, among many other forms of persecution, came to strengthen the friendship with the then Princess Elizabeth, later to become Elizabeth I, the first Protestant queen of England, and later became his adviser , astrologer, and worked as a spy for the British Empire during the Anglo-Spanish war - a term that is also the author.

Was an astronomer, astrologer, diplomat and especially an expert on languages, and his ancestry was Welsh.

Extreme nationalist, Dee sought throughout his life serving his country, and devote their free time to study that in his view, would be considered science sacred and supreme, and the final part of his life was designed exclusively for the latter.

In this context, he gave himself to the study of close and was greatly influenced by their sense of nationalism in his work.

A case is not unique, we observe that shortly after the death of Dee, the Presbyterian linked to Freemasonry came to enact the Confessio Fraternitatis - published in the German city of Kassel in 1615 ev - And the other two documents are the foundation of Rosicrucianism, and sought refuge from the church, amid the Bohemian soil.

Indeed, the Inquisition was a driving force for many disgruntled seek refuge among the Protestants, and among these philosophies that encourage even attached to the Christian dogma, opposed to some extent to the Vatican.

John Dee, as quoted above, was Wales which in itself leads to different notes wishing the most.

These people remained using the native language, Welsh, Celtic and remained ever being invaded by the Anglo-Saxons, because of you and bellicosity and the mountainous nature of the region.

The region's name comes from the Germanic Wales, which means "foreigner", linking the region and the people there, a lot of contacts with the northern migration linked to Celtic, who have passed through there.

This term itself contains a series of keys to understanding the foundations of knowledge, and tradition.

Let us fix our attention to begin to understand this figure in Celtic society.

The basis of Celtic society is the extended family in the sense of the word, comparable to what was observed in the Greek and Roman. This family is called "fine" between the ancient Gaels, and notice that said the name comes from the same root as "Gwynedd", the north-west of Wales, and the word "veneti, name of the Gallic people inhabiting the country Vannes, Gwened in Breton.

Veneti or Venedotia is also known as the British term for the Veneti, who is a tribal name by which the Belgian people from the Atlantic coast have been known and cited even by Cesar, in his intense contact with the British Isles.

His ancestors came from the Alps to the north, Lake Venetico of the Bodensee, and Bavaria, also the potentially Thuringii - which are the source of modern myths about the Dwarves "... ...", dwarfs that are called." .. Walen ...".

There is also the etymological response: Wealas resulting in "... Welshmen ...", or" Venezianer / Venediger / Venedos "in Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria and Thuringia.

The Illyrian know the name too, they should have brought him as "... Veneti ...", which occurs in northern Italy in the Venice region.

These Vannen, features Celtic and linked to Gwennwed, are the regional source for the Gods Vanes of Norse tradition, the so-called Gods of the Earth.

As we know, the presence of the Germanic and Celtic implies a relationship of enmity respected, where the proximity of cultures never exceeded the aggressiveness of one for the other, even though this proximity vivid among the similarities of their culture and religion, such as the similarity of the Vanir of Norse gods, DHEAS with the Celts, as well as the use of Oghimius, originated from contact with the Nordic Elder Futhark, by the Celts, who were already using the ancestral ogham for you.

These factors added to the data above, all strongly solidified in nature as inventive as reticent of John Dee, formed the basis for that in due time in his life were to take shape what was known as "the Angelic or System Enochian.

The ardent desire for recognition by the intellectual efforts to make sense of the senseless, it was this brand within the revival, which was frequent means used by the thinkers of that time, to find a philosophical solution to deal with this dogma in the Bible , Talmud and the Koran at times, led to the emergence and development of close, but also resulted in a dead end for these same ardent minds.

Since it is the fact that their efforts eventually led into account the people taxed by the dogma of inferiority, as in the case of the Hellenes, the source of the philosophy used by Mirandola, Marcílio Fisino and others. And that these same efforts were only possible thanks to those who are part of people who have never kept any contact with people described in the books of monotheism, and more, which were flatly taxed less in these same books, such the amount of witches and witches who ended up in the fires, and a vast majority of cases, because they have intelligence in opposition to fanaticism.

How could any be provided with the principles of philosophy to suppose themselves less by use of which is key to making sense of the dogma, no matter how tortuous and inconsistent that this is the?

The question above is even more disturbing when we consider the natural persecution of dissenters, as well as against direct competitors, which was widely used by the Catholic Church, which was well absorbed and retained by the movements Presbyterians, Protestant and neo-Pentecostal that followed.

Note that Luther was directly responsible for the deaths of 100,000 pagans only on German soil, and that he publicly attacked and encouraged the persecution of Jews, as we see in "Von den Juden und ihren Lügen" - On the Jews and their Lies, written in 1543, when Luther was 60 years old, or "Vom Schem Hamphoras und vom Geschlecht Christi" - About the schem Hamphoras and the sex of Christ - in 1544.

This view of persecution against current competitors and against their opponents, the ever-present in all forms of monotheism, and occurs between them with each other - passionately - and between them and religions and ways of thinking are different.

In the case of Protestantism that was absorbed by the English, this form of sectarianism is rooted heavily in the minds of people that formed shortly after what came to be called the British Empire by John Dee.

Thus the seed of discord the greatest of all the points considered common place, by Hermetic occult and even in modern times, was released in the fertile soil of the mind of John Dee.

The Enochian system was brewing in the mind of Dee had many years, there were peaks that would occur later in his life on several occasions, with perhaps the greatest of these was that which occurred in 1564 the common era, when he developed a popular and important work of his called "Hieroglyphic Monad", around the time he served as an advisor to the voyages of discovery from England, providing technical assistance in navigation and ideological backing in the creation of the most ideal of devotion to the rising Empire British.

When Dee in mid-1582 the common era, came to develop this system of magic based on the foregoing we can safely say that was filled with the maximum of its ideals of nationalism, combined with their views unhappy with the treatment granted his people, in his view the highest, both by the official religious dogma, as the foundations of close itself.

Thus, it is both interesting and easier to understand, all the calls "angelic" in existing Enochian against the Goetia!

These calls are very similar to other text linked to the closed, many people until now have in high regard, even if it is a manual of sectarianism than a work for spiritual development.

This is the book "Sacred Magic of Abramelin" Rabbi Yaakov Moelin who lived approximately between 1365 and 1427, the common era.

We can mention about this text, some data that can shed light on these facts, since early in the practitioner is prompted with the following passages:

"... May the one and holy God grant all the grace necessary to be able to understand and penetrate the high mysteries of the kabbalah and the law, but must be content with what you give them ..."!

"... In Prague found an evil man named Antonio, twenty-five years of age, who actually showed me wonderful and supernatural things, but God preserve us from falling into such a great mistake, as the infamous assured me that he made a pact with the devil, and this had given herself body and soul, while the Leviathan deceiver you promised forty years of life to act in his will ... "

A careful researcher, practitioner or a cautious, know today that monotheism is just a modern invention before many other forms of ancient traditions, and has climbed to the knowledge of them, as well as have at hand the means to determine the veracity of any statements about pacts with demons, which really are a folly in renowned occult means smaller, since the devil is just a word of Greek origin that means in spirit, and that Leviathan is a late expression reused in Rabbinic tradition, whose source is in the fight against Baal Lotan, and Marduk against Tiamat.

If any part of the researcher or practitioner, the idea of turning their attention to historical data, see the earliest citation of "Daemoniun ... ..." the devil lies in the Socratic or Platonic, which is an inventive genius on the genius and human development, just like the modern concept of the Holy Guardian Angel in the occult more enlightened, which deals with it in much the same measure with which to deal with issues related to individuation as was seen by Jung.

Returning then to John Dee, all of the intricacies that now reside in its members, so we can instruct us on how best to deal with them.

Let us begin then by the same partner studies and practices of John Dee, Edward Kelly.

Edward Kelly, Edward and Talbot, lived between the years 1555 to 1597 the common era, and was regarded as a charlatan or even criminal by most people of his time.

In mid-1582 ev, contacted John Dee that around this time was already unhappy with the ritual systems of their time, since longed to make contact only with the sacred knowledge and higher, immediately pour scorn everything that could be correlated with low magic or demonology, to his personal point of view.

Dee has used a seer, looking for answers to their questions, but was not producing good results in its development in that period.

It turns out that Kelly knew that Dee wanted to find a medium for their experiments, and did influence and the benefits that Dee had before the British court, on account of his personal connection with Queen Elizabeth I.

There were also other claimants to the post of assistant to Dr. Dee, but Kelly took advantage of a distraction and caused a stone to appear dark in a strategic place, at the earliest opportunity, thus leading John Dee to believe he is the choice perfect to develop their experiments. This stone came to be the crystal used in the experiments linked to "Rock the Note", used in the Enochian system, which also is a source for many, many books and films containing "... Crystal Balls ...", which came to knowledge of the whole society, to this day.

It is said that he pretended to be in a trance under the influence of the Angel Michael, and thereby influence Dee to pay a fortune monthly, which is the due payment by the trial of the angel, to honor the services of "noble helper" and as it is said that Kelly came to talk via a mirror, with 72 angels sealed, tied to a text called "Greater Key of Solomon," which addresses the quinary of astrology, in the view of rabbinic and less hermetic.

Most people always question asked even ask how can someone so clear to many issues such as John Dee, could be so wrong for so long and by the antics of Kelly.

In this regard, we have the talent of Edward Kelly - also known as Edward Talbot, where falsified documents - with a true master in the art of acting, and also that over time things occurred during the contact of Dee and Kelly, who made even with that Kelly's best-known forger of his time, succumbed to fits of insanity, at the end of his life.

During the steps that took place under the mediumship of Kelly began to elapse contacts with several different entities taxed by Dee and Kelly in the course of the birth of Enochian as angels, as was the case of "Ave ... .." which has investigated through Dee Kelly at various times and in various sections of invocation.

At one point, the angels both frightened Kelly that he instigated Dee to give up, saying that they were actually coming into contact with demons, because they proposed was something absurd in every sense, both for time and for the dogma that governed life both because Kelly came through to leave a suspicion that the two should lie down together - something that has just been developing in the famous exchange of wives between Dee and Kelly - and the last actual contact, the "angel" is presented and made it clear to both that "... the knowledge that they were enjoying completely destroy human society ..."!

This last blow was too much for Kelly and for Dee, both of which finally split in 1588 ev .

John Dee died in 1609 the common era, no longer in favor with the crown for the King James was not favorable practices Dee, as was the case of Queen Elizabeth I.

Kelly, however, died in 1597 well before ev, and lived an affluent life in the court of King Rudolf II in Prague, promising him for many years to produce "... Gold Alchemical ...", who boasted constantly learn produce.

Rudolf tired of Kelly and threw him into a dungeon until he came to produce such "... Gold Alchemical ...", when he failed a second time was arrested again, this time in Castle Hněvín, and is the majority opinion that the rope he used to try to escape was very short, and he broke his leg late in the tower, dying from injuries.

Among the more interesting details of Enochian and contacts that Dee and Kelly had through him, we can mention the severe warning against the use of the Goetia, who assumed the perspective of the angels "was the downfall of mankind."

This is disturbing for many reasons, and the most interesting one is that the common view on the so-called demons, presented to them as carriers of disease, changes in behavior and perversions, which are the usual means by which in theory would drag the human soul to hell.

This clashes directly with the observations of so-called "Enochian angels" who appeared to Dee and Kelly, both of which categorically stated that "nothing would be conducive to sin" and prompted to go to bed together, that is unacceptable by the dogma of the Bible, Talmudic , and Quranic and rabbinic.

Another thing that is disturbing in the text, and that makes us very speculate, that the claims are that the worship should never be again "Iaseus Christus," but the only god, in the view of humans that took contact Kelly and Dee. For we know that there were heretical cults that were violently persecuted by the Catholic Church, who claimed just that, as for example the case of Arianism preached by Father Aryan, which was absorbed as a cult by the Visigoths when they came into the decay and converted to monotheism, but not accepted under any circumstances to worship "Christ". And precisely this fact in itself, fits like a glove with the feeling of ultra-nationalism of John Dee, as well as other reasons mentioned above.

Now let's look at the essential nature of Enochian, the way Dee and Kelly had to unravel and, because through this we can understand many key elements and which has not yet been matched to them, and explain them in every way.

During the contacts with the "Enochian beings" have been distilled extensive reports that Dee carefully copied, about everything that Kelly was speaking to watch the dark crystal chosen for the practice, which was quoted above.

Within these reports we have generated detailed grimoires and documents were organized Letters of the Alphabet Enochian, Keys Invocation Details Regions Enochian or Aethyrs Celestial Beings and entourages or Enochian Cortes, and methodology in all directions was linked to the details known the Hermetic.

The Enochian Keys have been held in number 19, while the latter serves only to open the Aethyrs Enochian, and the first two also have the theme used in the Golden Dawn and Aurum Solens for example, to call upon all Aetryrs - Friday Enochian key - and the first to invoke the four Enochian kings and their retinues.

This view is also shared by Thelemites.

However, more accurate studies also point to different ways of acting on the Enochian such as Donald Tyson demonstrates to remind readers of his works on this subject, who never said "angels" have permission to use and invocation of the majority the details that were passed to Dee and Kelly, and the method of work would be done specifically so evocative, and without the magic circle, the original version that both received the Enochian beings, and that Dee and Kelly never used because there would have been given permission to do so.

Both methods, the original and the use of magical organizations, operate and meet the goals of those who practice Enochian via the method, and that many say should be the strength of the phonetics of the language and even the symbols linked to the Enochian characters, which trigger a guttural cadence of course in his intonation, not to mention the violence contained in the natural reading of the translation of the Enochian Keys, such as in the case of the Tenth Enochian Key:

"... Coraxo cormp chis od blans lucale aziazor paeba sobol ilonon chis od OP virq eophan RACL, maasi bagle caosgi di ialpon dosig od basgim; Od oxex dazis Siatris od saibrox, cinxia faboan. Unal chis const ds DAOX cocasg ol õäñï yorb voh gizyax m, od math cocasg examples molvi ds page ip, LARAG om dron matorb cocasb Emna. L Patralx yolci matb, NomIg monons olor gnay Angelard. Ohio! Ohio! Ohio! Ohio! Ohio! Ohio! Noiba Ohio! Casgon, Bagle madrid i zir, od chiso drilpa. NIISO! Crip Nidal ip ... "

"... The thunderstorm of the Last of Wrath are numbered and rest in the north, like an oak whose branches are nests, 22, of sorrow and tears, fallen on the Earth, which burn night and day and vomit heads of scorpions and burning sulfur mixed with poison. These are the thunders that 5678 times in the 24th part of a roaring time with hundreds of powerful earthquakes and a thousand times so many waves that do not rest, and do not know any time of calm. Here a stone produces 1000, just as the heart of man makes his thoughts. Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn! Yes, cursed be the earth, for the iniquity is, was and will be great. Go! But not your noise !..."

But precisely here we began to use other methods of understanding, we can say with reasonable chance of success, were the same as John Dee and Edward Kelly, to compose the Enochian tradition.

We know that both Dee and Kelly were interested in studies on Hermeticism and the Supernatural, more specifically aimed at the dogmatic nature who lived in both.

And we know that Dee in his studies of hermetic, such as text attests to his "Hieroglyphic Monad", knew the documents that generated the hermetic and the thought of those who were his parents at times actually very close to himself, and Marsilio Fisino that made a copy and translation of the "Corpore Hermeticum" - just 100 years before Dee start their research with Hermeticism - and Psellos had translated into Greek the text with the help of Ulf Ospaksson half a millennium before.

Knowing then that Hermes Trismegistus is called Enoch by the Essenes and those who have adopted many customs of the Essenes in their pilgrimage to Baghdad - the Harranitas or Sabeans - not to mention the very nature connected with Mithraism and Gnosticism of the Kurds and Yezidis in which they were to protect the Arabs.

And especially that they were the same harranitas or Sabeans who wrote the text and then Psellus Marsilio Fisino, would be translated and which has the name "... Corpore Hermeticum ...".

Becomes very clear which was the main point of John Dee's motivation for naming your system as a "Enochian" or angelic - given the already known fact Nefelins linking with human women credited the story of Enoch, an apocryphal.

But we must go much beyond that we must penetrate the mind of Dr. Dee, and track their points of personal motivation, their anger, and extreme nationalism and its idiosyncrasies ingrained in your being, and whose origin is shown in his work.

As we know Dee was of "Wale" or Welsh, or abroad, and that people were the last to lose their sense of identity and language throughout the British Empire, which implies Dee know well by their family language of their ancestors, something that you should be very valid, because he was an expert in languages, and because of this and their knowledge in various areas, was chosen as a diplomat and spy for the Queen.

The natural need to prove their worth and value of people's identity and fervently rooted in what was called the Protestant Reformation began with Luther, for the same concept of the British Empire, with the contents of audience that it be understood as the true holy nation, as true chosen people are the nipples end that we lack to understand a part of the Enochian system.

For Dee to understand better than many in his time, the semantic and linguistic roots of their ancestors, and other people saw the need to express a sacred language and sacred a verb, to be more precise in their eyes to demonstrate the nature the chosen people, as our assumptions forward - although they do based in the logic and reasoning.

Thus not only the texts and contacts above, which seem to align themselves with the processes or the so-called Protestant Reformation, or the ways of worship charged as heretics by the Catholic Church. But also, much of the symbolism used, seems to have walked in this direction.

If we look at another strong point of Enochian, its alphabet, we will see some strange things at least.

Consider that "Une", which corresponds to the phonetics of 'A', binds the prospect of spirit and lightness, while "Veh", which reflects the phonetics of "C" implies fire and creativity.

And that this alphabet was divided into 3 groups of 7 letters in each.

So far everything seems very original, and for most people it is true.

But is that things are anyway?

As already mentioned, John Dee knew well and good languages as the language of their ancestors, and that they were the "Wales" a word of Germanic or Nordic, which implies a stranger, and that this people was the most fierce in keeping their language and their traditions, in the midst of other people like the Scots and the British.

If we consider these data, and stick simply the history and etymology, we find that there is also another alphabet is assigned a phonetic character "A" on the wind, spirit and light, just as its phonetic character "C" , binds to the fire and creativity. And that this same script also is divided into 3 groups, however, 8 letters, which are called in the language of the northern people that it is used in Aetts - very similar to the phonetic Aethyr by the way - and that even as these people is akin to the "Wales", and influenced the formation of the general character of Oghimius the Celts in Europe.

But many issues are raised against it, were it not for the problem of similarity of the statements on Enochian "Iaseus Christos" should not be worshiped in the name of Iaido, Enochian word for the word "High", as did Arianism espoused by Viosigodos, that was a fact known only to those men who might have culture at the time of Dee, which include among them.

High is also a term used to designate the god father of the more northern peoples, but there called "Har", but that binds specifically to the character that gives its name to the gods worshiped there, the "Aces" connected with the character "The" that was absorbed and used by Bohemian and other Hermetic, to name the root of the powers of fire, air, water and land within the theme of taro, and the permutations of the Platonic scale of fire, air, water and land called the Hermetic "Tetragrammaton".

Amid the Enochian faced with many terms and places, which in themselves do not seem to support this point of view - a primera vista of course - but once we got to the end Enochian "Mikaleso", whose root is the Old Norse "Miklas" that both in Enochian and in Nordic, means "powerful."

Thus, John Dee sought to use the theme that it was common for both family heirlooms, such as judging that this would be a more correct to push his vision of a British empire, driven by a people with a true word and verbs divine, which moved in the direction of glory in their fervent nationalism, regarded as their right, and relegating the old testament and new testament to an outdated view, from their perspectives, which should give way to a revelation with the more cohesive views that were forming in Europe of that period, as mentioned above, and under the direction of the nascent British Empire.

Noting the organization Enochian, which appear Kings, princes and quotes about the retinue of them, organized and directed in Tables 4 Elementals added the board of the Union, to be taxed to board the Spirit, we can see the elements sealed completely prepared the same.

Noting that 3 Enochian Keys have already been mentioned above, and roughly its uses within the Enochian, then the remaining keys ranging from 3 to 18, for a total of more than 16 Enochian Keys.

For the optical adopted within organizations of the past and present, and the origin largely hermetic work of Dr. Dee, these 16 Enochian Keys, are positioned in the range of fire, air, water and land use within the hermetic based Cabalism , whose origin is neo-Platonic in all directions.

And so we have the 3rd to the 6th Keys precisely the scale of Air of Air, Water of Water, Land of Fire and Earth of Fire.

The 7th to the 9th we Keys we have Water Air, Land and Air Fire Air

The 10th through the 12th keys we have Water Air, Earth Water Fire and Water.

The 13th to the 15th Air Keys we have Earth, Water, Earth and Fire Earth.

The 16th to the 18th Air Keys have Fire, Water, Fire and Tierra del Fuego.

Scales that are fully attached to the consequent development of the 20 letters between the 4 watch towers Enochian, the Elemental Tablets, which have been used more recently to the work of Dee, to form the board of the terminating the biggest secret within the hermetic Kabbalistic practices the times.

These letters were arranged in such a way that make up the names of Air (Exarp), Water (hCom), Terra (Nantes) and Fire (Bitom).

The first letters of each name in Enochian above are representations of the Elemental Kings and their court, and are specifically activated by the tone of the First Enochian Key, the implementation of the orders.

The other 16 letters, corresponding precisely the permutations of fire, air, water and earth that were mentioned above, related to the scale that appears in the Platonic cabal with some differences, and that when using one of the 16 key elements reported above, are activated one of the Letters of the board of the Union at once.

That are linked in turn to the 16 sub-quadrants of elemental 4 Enochian Watchtowers, Elemental or 4 boards.

These four Elemental Tablets, the related letters of the board of the Union are divided into a 12x13 square proportion in each one, 156 in total. Each board is assigned to one of four elements: Air, Water - from left to right in the upper - Fire and Earth - from left to right at the bottom.

Additionally, each board has four sub-quadrants. These are arranged in 5x6 and placed in each corner of the board in question. Are also assigned to the four elements.

For example, the board of Air, you will have a sub-quadrant of the corresponding Air Air Air, the sub-quadrant corresponding Water Air, the sub-quadrant of the Earth representing the Earth from the Air, and the sub-quadrant of Fire Air to Fire

Each sub-quadrant contains a Cross Sephirotic which is the 3rd column and 2nd line of sub-quadrant. Contains the names of God the sub-quadrant. Tables with letters on the Cross are called Tables Sephirotic.

The first line of a sub-quadrant (with the exception of the 3rd column) is called the Tables of the Cherubim.

Lines 3-6 of a sub-quadrant (with the exception of column 3) are called Tables servientes.

With the sub-quadrant posted a cross is revealed in the center of the board. This cross is attributed to the mystical element of the Spirit and contains the names of God, the King (whose name must have 8 letters), and 6 Enochian gentlemen (whose names must have 7 letters), the board concerned.

The 7th line of the board is called the Line of the Holy Spirit or Linea Spiritus Sancti.

The 6th column of the table is called the Line of Parent or Linea Patris.

The 7th Column of the board is called the Line of the Son or Linea Filii.

When the four basic tables are placed next to the watchtowers, the partitions between the tables are called the Black Cross and are ascribed to the (Union Board).

And it is precisely here that we find the largest factor of surprise on Hermetic and Enochian system, when we look at the structure of the universe that is made in the chart of Torres and the board of the Union, and the combination of its symbols.

It is said that a character that Enochian is left on the Elemental Water Tower, which would sound the same "L" and the title would Enochian "Ure" actually exists there to get in with the 20 letters of the board, and thus generate the 3 names of 7 letters of 3 Governors Aetryr the Abyss, whose name is Zax, and that terror is the greatest practitioners of inward, Cabalism and traditions connected with the occult, because it is just like the aforementioned Daath by the Kabbalah, especially tight, and more, this deep Enochian is home to what is described as the most powerful "demon" of creation, the monotheistic point of view, ie "Choronzon" dissolution.

In other words, when dealing with each part of the Enochian, with each element, each individual or each letter, the student and practitioner are invoking the very nature of the abyss into himself, and for him, as the home of Choronzon, Zax the abyss, and is lived in every one and everything around them, and the angle of Enochian, so it is even when we're not aware of it.

If the gap is such a source of terror to the minds of Hermetic practice or not Enochian, then we can imagine the horror when they finally encounter in their studies and practice with these data, and when researching the life of John Dee and Edward Kelly, and discharge directly into the incentives of those "angels", causing them to practices considered immoral for your time, and saying blasphemies unimaginable to their dogmatic minds, such as the above mentioned sentence says that the total destruction of society that Dee and Kelly knew.

Which brings us to the view that in the midst of schemes and stratagems for Kelly, and the nationalist fervor of Dee, interspersed dogmatism of both the system that served as the anchor to generate the Enochian precisely the Germanic root as mentioned above, began slip into the psyche of both, and came to manifest itself after a time of summons and uses rough language, causing shocks above, as well as fears related to them.

For it is well known that Puritanism and gender bias within the required dogma of monotheism, in fact did not exist in the original company of "Wales" and the Nordic countries, and in fact just the customs of these people give us a very interesting track on the means used by Dee, for their techniques of observation and by travel Aethyrs Enochian, as well as about the warnings against such practices Goetic, since for Goetic to understand all forms not monotheistic Christian or otherwise, both as to Kelly Dee.

Among the Celts can find the cult of DHEAS, which is the term for which the Celtic gods are actually known, and that they are also called to the English of the Elves, which is derived from the Old Norse term Alf, which implies that the same thing.

This cult of DHEAS is extremely close and akin to the Vanir cult, including the best-known northern goddess linked to the pantheon of gods of the land between the northern people, is Freija, which is called Vanadis and as well as Seidhe Lady (Lady of Spae-Craft ).

Seidhr is a technique of trance to travel to other worlds in the Norse tradition, and its roots is the same word DHEAS, as mentioned above, as well as the root of the Indo-Aryan word siddhi - which means power or power.

The trance seidhr implies sexual ecstasy as a catalyst for the events themselves.

This explains why the Enochian be that he came into contact with Kelly and Dee, have demanded that the two lie down together, or that their wives were exchanged. For there among the Nordic Vanir connected to people, priests Freir - Vanir Freija brother - and Freija that were taxed as "Erg," which means homosexual and effeminate as to make the trance seidhr as seidkhonas - witches - did.

But it is very interesting in that a theme is basic, both in work related to Enochian, as what was quoted above as "... Abramelin ...". This theme, as I can see is that deals with the work on the Holy Guardian Angel!

It is common in all work related to gnosis, hermetic, occult, Thelema and as Enochian, the subject of SAG come to light.

It is said that without the SAG, make a point of any linked both to angels and said the so-called demons, would result in self destruction or folly for the practitioner.

Yet we know that all beings Goetic and other beings who have been branded as demons by the forms of monotheism exist since the acts of akhenaton, taking it as their source, are nothing more than the actual sources for support of monotheism, a Since the polytheism is the basic theme with their traditions, came to feed the symbols of monotheism, through the acts of reckless and unscrupulous priests.

Thus, it is useless but ridiculous to stay with the thoughts turned to these themes, to address the ceremonial arts.

S.A.G. binds to the issues discussed by Jung in which he treated as the concept of individuation, just at a much more intense and louder than he could come to believe, despite having used the Bard Todoli, as one of its main sources of inspiration. And if we were to establish a procedure to assess the progress of development of each practitioner, and the effects of this in his being, we need to assess both the brain and the practitioner is to be used when contact with your unconscious mind becomes more bathe the relationship of the unconscious than the conscious and the unconscious as measure became known as both consciously experienced by the practitioner.

This concept then would enter the essence of what atavisms waking in being, actually do the same, and this in fact is about what we bring ancient heritage of our ancestors, which in itself is the source and explanation for the Enochian, which itself is a creation with a view to extreme nationalism, can be both strong and is as potent to be various forms invoked evocative and experimental, and may even be combined with the styles that deal with the issue of human psychic centers.

That is, Kelly and Dee woke up saw his works based on the ancient language of "Wales" and its etymological sources, and the use of trance before the dark crystal, traces of ancient cults, which gradually gained strength and life during the work made both for the original John Dee and Edward Kelly, as in many other practitioners, as mainly the case of Aleister Crowley, who made the feat to go through and catalog all he could see the 30 Enochian Aethyrs.

Thus, the Holy Guardian Angel is fully understood when keeping in mind their connections with the terms that generate the word Self - SDHEA and Alf - because just like the Shinto, the traditional northern alert to the fact that everything in life care itself, as well as a wyrd itself - the destination itself, about how karma - and everything has life or essence, and Alf who gives life to a plant or animal, the concept described here. This fact contributes greatly to our understanding of correlations atavisms related sources of Enochian, the forces themselves who won passage and life in other ways, giving them direction and strength, just as they did with John Magic System Eward Dee and Kelly revealed to the world.

Now, back to Aleister Crowley, we extend this approach to Enochian subtle, yet armed with the understanding necessary to raise taxes beyond the limits so far.

As mentioned above, Crowley is celebrated as the first - some say the only - who traveled to all 30 Aethyrs, cataloged what he saw, and left a clear indication to anyone who wants to risk following in his footsteps.

However, we note that Crowley's work followed the theme proposed by Dee, a guided toward nationalist formula by this, based on the concept of the British Empire.

We can even say that both had other things in common, besides the fact of being British, because if John Dee was accepted among the founding members of Trinity College, Cambridge, Aleister Crowley studied the same from 1895 ev, and there stood out in among the students.

In Liber 418, Crowley cites kabbalistic formula in the midst of all Aethyrs, interspersed with recommendations and details that are positioned in such a way that creates the theme of the fall of the Aeon of the slaves of the gods, the Aeon of Osiris, as well as slowly show the rise of the Aeon of conqueror and Proud Child, which is the center of their work magic, and finally adds the concerns and fears tied to the abyss, where it mentions the Tenth Aethyr, ZAX, a rise to present the issues arising from scale Atziluth, Briah, and yetzirah assyah present in Kabbalah, and are once again presenting a range of Platonic elements of fire, air, water and land.

If we appreciate the passages below are excerpts taken from the citations contained in Aethyr ZAX, in the Liber 418, we can understand more:

"... If you can not command me by the power of the Most High, know that I certainly try it and it'll cause me repentance. I bow before the great and terrible names you used to summon me and confining. However, thy name is mercy, and I cry for forgiveness. I then put my head between your feet so you can serve it. However, if you obey me you command the Holy Names, I can not bend so because his first whispers are larger than the roar of all my storms. Ask me then to come to you and thus love you and share your blessings. Not your infinite mercy ?..."

"... I eat in the names of the Almighty. I crush them in my jaws I evacuated my plea. I do not fear the power of the Pentagram, for I am the Master of the Triangle. My name is three hundred thirty-three which is three times one. Take heed therefore warn you that I am about to deceive you. Uttering words that you use to invoke the Aethyr and write them thinking they are great secrets of magical power, however, would remain mere mockery ... "

As the above passage have been cited by Choronzon, the Arch-demon that dwells in ZAX, which is the dispersion itself, embodying in himself all the terrors that are quoted on the theme of Sephira Daath, seen as an entry that gives directly in the Kabbalah calls the Tree of Death, made up Qlipoth, which are the homes of demons mentioned in the Bible, Koran, Torah and Talmud.

The Sephiroth are quoted in a closer translation, as "... the papyrus ...", and Qlipoth are quoted in translation closer, as" ... the shells ...", since the term Rabbinic used to refer to the first is "... Wives ..." and for the Qlipoth "... Prostitutes ...".

It is known that this implies only and only in the fact that the so-called "... wives ..." are only touched and manipulated by her husband - giving rise to the Kabbalistic idea of ruach and nephesh, body and soul, husband and wife - What is the priest in the Kabbalistic theme, and "... prostitutes ..." are those that necessarily has to be manipulated by the hands of all others, and has no exclusive ties with the priest, and more than in no time to comply.

The Talmud goes further and states that Qlipoth is the name that is given to the soul that are not part of the chosen people - something that explains the antagonism generated much against it, from other styles of monotheism, and in this issue many Hermetic, even if subtly.

Thus, we understand that there was a way to hijack the theme of contact related to the Enochian, both rooted in the movements and subsequently used to it.

After Aethyr 10, is the description of a ZIP Aethyr name that deals with the issue of entering the city of the pyramids, which is a representation of that which was beyond the Daath Kabbalah, and entered the room where he lives and loves Helohim Aima Helohim viewed as Babalon, there is again reference to the theme of the Rose and Cross, which in fact form the coat of arms of Luther, something that eludes users and should have been reconsidered by the model thelemico the period, it is an model of the Aeon of the Slave.

Just as there was overlap of many symbols to make up the psychological structures of the "... Vision and the Voice ...", precisely the descriptions of Liber 418, the kabbalistic model was applied to a few moments, and the symbolism related to the number 8 and its context as much as a model that fits the patterns, structures and nature of Hermes, the messenger of the gods, here too Aethyr Eighth ZID, is described as the messenger of the gods for the practitioner because the instructions with the coalition partners experience of the Holy Guardian Angel, as above mentioned, and this is very strange since much below the scale of what is called the Three Sephiroth Supreme, Contact and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, are a minimum requirement for knowing the true intention and can thus cross the Abyss or ZAX.

However, we remember that "... SDHEA Alf ...", messenger of Law staff and transferable to the divinity of every man or woman who can summon, has the mission to be the bearers of the Law, not same, and thus the understanding that this is the final commitment of being with your true will, literally, those who are attentive.

In DEO, the following Aethyr cited is the Evening Star, Lucifer, who is the planet Venus and as a symbol of what is called in Kabbalah Netzach, in tune with the idea of numerical Cabalism, as already been alerted, and Saturn exalted in Libra also contains its opposite in the second decanate of Capricorn ruled by Astaroth, which is Astarte and Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of Uruk Citadel, scarlet lady of war, sex and magic, also celebrated as Goddess Mother, being venerated as Athirat, also known as Asherah, Astarte or Anat and, just as the cult of Inanna, his priests transsexuals, Qedshtu, drew their sexual organs to perform the rites, often linked to sex goddess Star Morning.

Love there has quoted its source in this goddess and real key to this, as we can see that also connects the concepts associated with Freia and Freire, as quoted above, explains all the details connected with the idea connected to the so-called Black Brothers, Aethyr linked to this, said to be the one to which they can achieve as they who refuse to let their blood go into the tops of the abominations of Babalon, the theme of the vision of the eleventh grade as was explained by Crowley, can not be "... such and such brides ...", which is a term that connects all practitioners within the Argentum Astrum, and many mysteries associated with this magic formula of love, or agape, correlate with the priesthood of Freire, and well as the Male Priesthood of Inanna, who is the Lady of the abominations of Babylon. Thus the hidden keys to enter the sacraments as the Crowley way, are necessarily of these symbols and their application.

However, this is only one view on top of the sacraments, and is neither the best nor the only one.

In the following Aethyr BUT, Crowley uses is one passage removed from the genesis - 19:32-33,35 - about Lot's daughters, who got drunk to lie to him, the title of "the people ... earth ...":

"... Come, let us drink wine to our father and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father. And they drink wine to his father that night, and the eldest came and lay with her father, and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose. It happened the other day that the firstborn said unto the younger, Behold, I last night I lay with my father: let him drink wine this night also, and go thou in, and lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father ... And they drink wine to his father that night also, and rose the least, and lay with him, and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she up ... "

Notice the similarity of text contained in Aethyr, to represent the so-called Traditions Magic 3 - White, Yellow and Black - which in theory hermetic and cabalistic, would cover the world:

"... And a voice says: Cursed be he that bare the Most High, because he was drunk the wine is the blood of the fans. And BABALON packed it in your lap and sleep she disappeared and left him naked by calling your child along for saying accompanies me to mock the nakedness of the Most High. And the first supporters covered His shame with a cloth, walking back and it was white. And the second of the supporters covered His shame with a cloth, walking sideways and was yellow. And the third of supporters mocked His nakedness, walking forwards and was black. These are the three great schools of the Magi who are also the three Magi who went to the Holy Place, and do not have wisdom, you will not know which school prevails, or where the three schools are one. For the Black Brothers raised their heads not in the Holy Chokmah as they were drowned in the great sea is Binah, before the true vine could be planted on the holy Mount Zion .. "

The sea of Binah is the Sea, which remains above the blade of Hangman, and is a representation of Qlipoth, resulting in the inability to go beyond the menstruation, which is symbolic of the lack of life in women, in the monotheistic tradition that phallic and solar, is seen as having the soul only when it is completed by the sperm that is the bearer of Ruach - the soul and symbol for the "... husband ...", cited above - and is contained in Yod - Hebrew letter that kabbalism uses to identify the element of fire and talk.

This way, finally understand that the Black Brothers, as cited by Crowley, are those who do not have to be understood as "LUX ... or, LIGHT ...", which implies a formula totally devoted to solarium spirit as something, as stated by the creator of monotheism, Akhenaton, and the point of view of the citadel "on" or "Heliopolis, in Egypt.

The 3 colors mentioned as representatives of alchemy are not here for collusion, but should be required to provide background for the concept of alchemy and the alchemical elixir which is cited in the above lines. In this way Black handles that still make up a formula taking into account the concept of women and Kalas Tantric Drávidas linked to the goddess Kali; Yellow handles the point that would be intermediate between the first and the next, which is white, for deal only and only with the Light or purely male sexual mysteries, is that it deals with the old Aeon, as the Christ of monotheism self proclaimed "... the light, the way the truth and the life ...".

Sprawled so the symbols here, we can go further about the "... Vision and the Voice ...".

Lit unfolds with the clear understanding of the spiritual atmosphere of the phallic arrow, whose point is Argentum Astrum, the Silver Star there mentioned.

The pun in there with God "... There ...", which is the same mix of" ... AL ...", which is the Hebrew term for God, and that is the divine name used in Sephiroth of Chesed, the sephiroth of mercy, and indeed that is the name of supreme god father of the Phoenicians "... AL ..." which was absorbed for use by the rabbis, within the theme of the Hebrew, gives us the necessary understanding , that there will stated that "... there ..." nothing is the god that Aethyr, and that this is the key Aethyr suggesting another symbolic pun with the Eye of Shiva, who destroys the universe in "... Nothing ...", and then we are led to the concept of the cabal that deals with" ... ... Ayin "nothing universal, also represented in the Baphometh blade, the blade of the Devil, which is Hebrew letter just "... Ayin ...", and that the eye is there mentioned, also goes in the direction of Horus, as there is a concept of the two eyes of Horus, the right and left, one of the methods in combination Crowley quote with the Ajna Chakra, which is the Eye of Shiva, and another is cited as the Muladhara Chakra, bound to the tip of the coccyx and part of the formula of priests and nuns of gay priests in the cult of Inanna, as mentioned above.

Even in Peace, this phenomenon occurs because the juxtaposition of elements of the cross and rose again into six, and more, chaos and cosmos darkness and light are there cited, and the chaos something like a representation of the eye that is above Ayin cited.

There is a pun of the word "... PEOPLE ..." with the name of Aethyr "... PEACE ...", yet to get the data mixed up to this, the key to that Crowley expressed as the essence of this Aethyr in this excerpt:

"... Beneath his feet is the kingdom and in his head the crown. He is the spirit and matter, it's peace and power, it is Chaos and Night and Pan and BABALON on his concubine, who was drunk the blood of the saints she collected in her golden cup, he has caused the virgin that now he deflowered . And that is what is written: Malkuth shall be elevated and placed on the throne of Binah. And that is the philosophers' stone that is placed as a seal on the tomb of Tetragrammaton and the elixir of life that is distilled from the blood of the saints and the strength of oppressive red bones of Choronzon ... "

It has already been cited in the text of "... Vision and the Voice ...", the key Hebrew word for Adam is" Bus ... .. ", seen as an anagram for the word Enochian" .. . Mad ...", which means god.

Thus the "Adm ... Kadmon ...", is the key to understanding who is ridden by Babalon in the passage quoted above, and in it dwells the essence of Aethyr" ... PEACE ...", which is the chaos or the Night of Pan, that binds the emanation of Aiyn Soph Aour, "... LIGHT ...", which contracts to generate Kether and it generate all the rest of Ortz Chaim, Tree of Life, which is the very "... Adm Kadmon ...". But the philosophers stone is once again an anagram of the Old Aeon, linked to Christ, who is cited as stone, or rock, Christianity, and is told the same as the elixir and the seal of the tetragrammaton, the connections that the son has for his father, in monotheism, as much as the relationship of Ruach and Yod, seen in solar phallic formula mentioned above.

In "ZOM ... ..." the following Aethyr, we see a formula linked to rise toward Kether, through Chokimah is the phallus and connects with the view of Yod, Ruach and solar phallic formula - Marah as the great sea, is connected to Binah and the Sea of Blood and Darkness that improperly and unduly phallic solar system rated for incorrect or harmful.

Let us look then these sections:

"... The eye of His grace closes. What is not open on the Aethyr to the severities be mitigated and the house collapses. " The house will not fall and the Dragon will go down? All things were actually swallowed by the destruction, and Chaos opened its jaws and smashed the universe as a worshiper of Bacchus crushing a grape between his teeth. The destruction did not swallow the destruction and annihilation confound annihilation? Twenty-two are the mansions of my Father's house, but there comes a bull heading in the House that fall. All these things are but toys of the Magician and Creative Illusions that bars Understanding the Crown ... "

"... And so BABALON is under the power of the Magician undergoing work and saving the Abyss. It is a more perfect purity, even if it is sent as the Redeemer to those who are below. There is no other way to the Supreme Mystery of the beyond and the Beast on which it rides, and the magician is placed beyond it to deceive the brothers of darkness so they are not themselves a crown, for they then had two Yggdrasil, the former tree would be thrown into the Abyss, excised and cast into the abyss Far profaning the Arcanum that is Adytum * and the Ark would be played and Seller desecrated by those who do not master the bread of the Sacrament of the stool would Choronzon and the wine of the sacrament water of Choronzon and the incense would spread the fire under the altar hated. Lift up, however, firm, enjoy the man and behold! Will be revealed to thee the Great Terror, the nameless fear ...".

Above we see that Crowley could not even escape the oldest symbols of knowledge, because instead of using the common term for the Kabbalah Tree of Life, he used the name Northern oldest and the same, Yggdrasil, also known as or Eomersyl Yrminsul, Pillar of the World.

All symbols of destruction handle the point where the increase occurs in the direction of Nothing, Chaos, leaving the point next to it Order, which is chaos sperm than chokimah is and represents, in theory the Kabbalists.

Nonsense Taumiel are told about the two-headed dragon that would be the opposite of death in the tree, the tree of qlipoths - we have seen above, which has nothing to do with the concepts mentioned on it by the hermetic common - and the claim that The Magus was commanding her to deny the strength of that bend the light of Christ, because this is the right way, collapses on itself, for in fact there are two potential higher than engendered the universe, and are opposite and infinite in themselves, and when they are touching limit, which is life and what the Greeks called Cosmos, and are widely envisioned in the original ancient tradition that Yggdrasil Crowley quoted in the text of this Aethyr, shows how the older forces, prior to known universe.

In Aethyr following, we grateful surprises!

Crowley cites Sumerian legend about Sibilli Azag Aphikalluh, led by U-Na, or Dagon, whose form is man's fish that takes the codes of civilization of love to mankind and maintains relationships with women, this being the original source for nephelins cited in the text of Enoch. Note that the term is cognate with Azag Ace of Aces and Aesir or Ansjus, which we referred above.

Crowley says that the key to this Aethyr is the idea of Cain being the son of the Serpent and not Adm, citing the latter as an external worship, and devoid of life, and with Cain a mark on his forehead - which deals with the Eye of Shiva and with the theme mentioned above about the same - and that eliminates Abel, according to the text of "... Vision and the Voice ..." Using Mjollnir Thor's Hammer, and we must remember that God is traditionally greeted as the enemy of Christ white invader in one of the languages of northern peoples.

Crowley never suspected - and never let those who were around him suspected - that the symbol that appears on this Aethyr, the 3 arrows cross is nothing more than a Gothic Rune Hagalaz, which has exactly one diagram, which implies the idea of Up, breakdown of what is old to make way for what is new and deals with the idea of Hagal and Haimdall, which is called Aesir White.

And then we are presented with the same ideas implied, present in the text of this Aethyr:

"... Then the fire covered me and I dried out, a torture. And my sweat is bitter like poison. And all my blood becomes agro in my veins, such as gonorrhea. Looks like I'm rotting quickly and the worms eating me alive. A voice, not mine or outside says: Remember Prometheus; remember to Ixion. I'm ripping nothing. I will not care. For even this powder should be consumed by fire. Although there is no image yet at least left a feeling of obstruction, as if someone was drawing near the border of Aethyr. But I'm dying. I can not move or wait. My ears are dying, and my throat and my eyes look so much blind I can not remember that there is vision ... "

And when the text mentions Leviathan and the Sea, we wonder if perversely Crowley did not hide the words about Jourmungand or Niddhog, the description says there is a given, but is expressed by the other two.

Finally the First Aethyr, LIL, detailed formula is the Lord of the Aeon, Ra Hoor Khuit presented here only as Horus, and incorrect information is given there.

"... Iaido ... "does not mean" ... I'm ... "but means" ... High ...".

Hoor or Har, is the Lord Most High of Heaven from east to west in the midst of the older tradition of the Egyptians before the nonsense Osirian corrupt worship and submit to Har as the son of Osiris later, even as the formulas used in Heliopolis present.

However this first part of the text itself gives us other elements:

"... I am the son of all that is the father of all, I came because of all that I can be. I am the source in the snows and I am the eternal sea. I am the lover and the beloved and I am the first fruits of their love. I'm the first faint tremor of Light and I'm spinning where night weaves its impenetrable veil ... "

"... I am the captain of the hosts of eternity, the swordsmen and the spearmen and archers and charioteers. I led the forces of the east against the forces of the west and the forces of the West against the forces of the east. Because I am Peace .. "

"... I am light and I am night and I am that beyond them. I'm talking and I am the silence and what I am beyond them. I am life and death and I am what I am beyond them. I am war and I'm alone and I am what is beyond them. I am weak and I am strength and I am what is beyond them. So neither can the man get to me. So for each man must come to me ... "

Crowley sees the strength of the Lord of the Aeon in Aethyr and describes how the former power of creation, and that drives everything and everyone including causing war and peace, as well as giving life and death at will.

In its descriptive elements, we are forced to question whether the uses of Enochian, which has very strong discharge atavistic elements of "... Wales ..." and its traditions, used by John Dee to give effect to this tradition, did not affect Crowley about to finally bring the deepest elements of Mr. Hall of the Elect, God of war and life and death, into the description of "... iaido ..." the Most High, as above, since also his name is Har, Har, and also the Egyptian he is blind in one eye, sacrificed for the sake of knowledge?

What can we conclude from the most basic in all this is that the power of Enochian magic is due to its atavistic sources are so strong that they are draining the uses of ancient traditions from which we draw their bases and essences, and that this cause intoxication and ecstasy to whoever is to follow up this system, and it will destroy itself in Choronzon, or before that, because of his stubbornness in dealing with views of the Aeon of the Slave, it should free themselves of it and wield their sword depending on the Aeon of Strong and Proud, as this is the essence of the Aeon.

Thus, all the work that magic has been performed with the Enochian led its practitioners to the website of terror denial of dogma, according to the power and accuracy, which are both historical and spiritual, and aligned themselves in such so that while the text deals with one direction, the practitioner will be forwarded to another, or be destroyed in the process.

Viewed this way, the alignment of ancient sources of Enochian, Thelemic with the elements, it is only natural though it may be incidental in some ways, and no's and shocked at its core, however much they clash in their appearance, a As both a spiritual realization as the other, subservient and abhor the worship of miserable slaves, and each contains elements of connection that both are clear and visible to everyone, with also contains veiled secrets that can be experienced both by the study, the practice, it is giving to the advancement of Thelema Enochian through the soil, or through the core or central theme of Thelema itself.

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