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True Bases of Sexual Magic
(By Thul Alger - english translation Drika)

Part 01:
This is a subject that usually triggers a lot of headaches, and sometimes zero progress in the lives of many people, not strangers Details only within the jurisdictions of the occult, and is often problematic in several styles of development systems of the past.

Sexual Magic and the public comes to know of some styles and viewpoints that have been popularized in the course of time, occult German, Austrian, English and French, this act is something markedly different from that which was close to the occultists themselves searching for this branch magic, unaware that in many cases this same style practiced by many in the traditional roots of their own countries.

Let us now a little about the sources of this branch of magic, in order to understand the strengths and flawed held by the majority of its users, and if no errors collective kept several generations of different magic lines, but with a similar purpose.

Basically there is the thought Tantric called Dakshina Marg and the road called Vama Marg (as the act is ejaculated or not, be the same without the symbolic Maituna - the sex act itself).

Vama Marg, the Left Hand Path and the North uses of the sexual act, citing that there must be restraint until a perceptual change in the mind of the practitioner will occur, and trigger force via the orgasm that will channel this power for different (previously prepared a talisman, generation of fluids to the consecration of the bread of light, ecstasy, the rise of kundalini, etc. ...).

Dakishina the Left Hand Path and South America, often uses symbolic bathing suits where the sexual act is simulated or implied, and there is the general idea of containment and use of fluids to achieve the goals ritual.

Currents of Sexual Magic are polarized in general linked to the way the Left Hand and long modest ridiculous behavior that dominated the world has led several researchers to be polarized only with the way he made a mistake by the symbolism implied, and encouraged them to curse those who practice Left hand path (and we emphasize that the practitioners of the Left Hand, also give sharp comments about the Dakishnas).
Essentially with the development of what came to be called the Gnosis, the birth of the more known sexual magic that nowadays are available to all.

The Essenes - heirs of Hassidic Jews who carried the bridge of the Greek domination of the Jews - blew a huge sum of traditions in its members in Nag-Hamud and facilitated the merger terms, which sadly gave birth to the religious political coup coming be known as Christianity.

However, these same Essenes popularized an icon in its basic subscribers, who came to name the current that most influenced the occult. This is none other than Hermes Trismegistus, and the subscribers assigned to it - which is seen among the Essenes and Sabeans as Enoch - has come to birth movement airtight.

In their habits a series of religious customs that have been agreed among themselves polarized, to flesh out their concepts.

So this cult of the Egyptian city of Heliopolis, where Ra was born from nothing and your masturbation Shu, Geb, and Tefnut were created, and then give life to all others and Neteres and the earth and the universe, came very base Phallic Solar worship.

The Krishna of the Hindus - also a sun god - has the power to the Trinity, and the idea of the Solar Logos Incarnate (as is well known that terminology in more modern terms).

Mithra, Tammuz, Krishna came the idea of sacrifice in the supposed love of men (and interestingly enough, in fact, is not mentioned in the texts Essenes and Gnostics man as a species, is the man as a genre).

Also of Apollo and Ra, the opposition came against the Snake and the Darkness.

Thus, there was a direct association with the thinking of Greek philosophers, such as Platonism and Pythagoreanism for example, who came to flesh out his compositions.

For it is true that we can clearly see here the idea of male supremacy over the female, we list the elements that work directly with these ideas so that all factors are properly studied.

Hence, we should mention first, that similar events run on the slopes opposite the Solar system Phallic!

Yes, in the midst of many traditions such as Celtic, Vanir (Norse linked to the Gods of the Earth), Dravidian (Tantric itself, but people connected to the previous presence of the Aryans in the Hindu), the woman is the divine and the human element is the "... small detail ..." necessary to maintain the species.

Calls Kalas, fluids that are used and are in the "mestruum ... ..." are the words of the elixir of longevity, and import as well as "... ojas ..." Men before the Vedic system.

The trance seidhr, which is sexual can only be practiced by Seidhkona to travel the worlds, unleashing spells or see the progress of specific events within the Nordic Vanir shamanism.

The goddesses have a key role in the Celtism, and the worship of these is prominent in ancient times.
However, it was the derivation of human behavior by mimicking the behavior of the world and the universe around him, that the polarization eventually occur in both phallic-solar systems, the systems vulvo-moon.
In the midst of life on Earth, influenced by a multitude of factors, we found some really influential factors, which bind the tragicomedy of life of human beings with such a similarity, that over time, they could not be correlated to same.

We are dealing with the drama of the sun and moon in the life of ordinary humanity.

If we look at the life of a woman for example, we note that it has a cycle of approximately 28 days (for more stable situations) where its end there is a period of about 7 days where it is in the process of menstruation.

Hence we have 3 / 4 the time it is not under the influence of the menstrual process, and 1 / 4 the time it passes by it.

During the process of pregnancy a woman goes through a gestation period of 9 months about solar.

If we take the lunar calendar, this would be 364 days divided into 13 months exactly.

By extension, to subtract 1 / 4 the time of the lunar calendar, this would be about 9 months, which is the duration of a pregnancy, which binds the period when the moon is from the first days of growing up to the last day of waning directly with the 9 lunar months left over when we subtract 1 / 4, which in itself imply the period of menstruation.

During menstruation a woman is extremante sensitive, painful, aggressive and highly violent.

This time bound directly to the idea of Morrigan Celtic, Nordic and Skhad of the Hindu Kali.

We note that the pressure exerted by the Sun on the Earth, its seasons change over time, could freeze your face when the sun is far away, can trigger when fertility is close enough and your heat is not aggressive, or may dry land when the abrasiveness solar is so great that makes a desert.

Much of the common female behavior, is described in a few lines above!

We see the sun want to flaunt the daytime sky and fill every space with its light, and spread it to all sides, and changing the human habits according to the season.

Man, Sun, Sky, Light and Rain is symbolic and directly associated with the semen, which sows Women, Moon, Earth and Soil.

Women, Moon, Earth, Sea, Shadows and Solo are symbolic and directly associated with menstruation, which sheds filled with the sap of the darkness of infinite space above the presence of Light.

Here we recognize much of the average male behavior in the habit of spreading "... Light .." (from a sexual magic is the sperm), in all places where you're going, wanting to hold loosely all spaces and as a lion young and have immense mane, want to show all the lionesses, foolishly garnering hills and lots of females around him, wanting to be the center of the life of the whole community, "... shining ..." as a defender football, a fighter, a police officer, or any other nonsense which compensates for its small penis, through some phallic symbol as a weapon for example.

Thus, with the basic elements in their place we can begin to understand the point of view of sex magic.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of the male population is constituted of stupid thugs, sporting a pseudo-status of superiority towards other males, garnering hills and lots of women (who himself holds, and who lead his whole life), and acting as legitimate pawns abject.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the female population is constituted of silly ridiculous, pseudo-bearing status of superiority towards other females, garnering males may bear or the size of the penis that comes to believe that they have or the money or material possessions they have - or get into debt to own and be able to impress them.

In neither case cited above, the requirement mind and spirit was taken into account, body and emotion are the only things that the media and ordinary people on the planet take into account, and emphasize that it is not ever healthy body area by a mind sound and a high spirit.

In fact the notion that was mentioned above, is a body ostentável by the standards of the media, the costs of health and even for the sake of appearance it brings (regardless of common sense show that no beauty acquired and what there is or is Aneroxia syndrome or syndrome Adonis).

And going the same direction, there is the satisfaction of self-destructive desires at a constant level as in the case of drugs.

Laid the foundations of behavior Vulvo or Phallic-Lunar-Solar, a simple way we can get the understanding of how the theme of sexual magic of these two views, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, and outputs ranging beyond the "sentimentality" that has taken hold of occult means.

Part 2: Ritualistic, Righteousness and Rectification

Taking as a basis of the above data, we try to understand the mechanics that are involved in operational magic, within both styles of Sexual Magic.

Taking as a basis the system initially Phallic-Solar, we see that it is based on the composition of the Sun seen as infallible source for life on the planet, as well as the very source of the spirit of all living things on Earth, especially of human humans.

It is said by the Egyptian Heliopolitan that Ra masturbated to ejaculation and its been generated Netetheres (Egyptian gods) Shu (air, odor and evaporation seminal), Tefnut (seminal fluid itself) and Geb (the Earth and as well as the state Sex waste seminal in the heat of the region).

This aligns with the view of the Vedas, sacred Hindu texts, where the "Om" generating the 3 worlds derived the Absolute (World of the Devas, World of Ashura and the human world), and is allied with the very source of the claims Socratic and Platonic about a generator Demiurge of the universe (which is a concept that opposes the idea of the Gnostics later about the demiurge). For the source for this in Greek thought is the Veda Purusha, the primeval man who created the worlds of his will, and many parts of his body born Hindu castes (the concept utilized for the acts of Brahma, later).

This coupled with the later Krishna, who was an incarnation of Vishnu, the god's conservative supreme Hindu Trinity, suggesting the beginnings of Divine Word or Solar Logos, is born to direct mankind (especially men at this point of view phallic sun), has to generate some small problems.

Because in this way, the Hellenic thought he saw the woman as something that did not love, and that only served to bear children for men and daughters for themselves, claimed the woman as "... not with the spiritual fire within him. .. ".

So what was the formula used by Kabbalistic and Hermetic, saying that the concept of Adam Kadmon (universal man, and the Ortz Chaim or Tree of life - based on the Socratic Demiurge and having its source in the Hindu Purusha) is the reflection Adam microscope.

This way, I speak on Earth comes to represent the sun in the sky, and combines the concepts developed from this, where we see the concept that Yod-Adam is the spirit (the Sun and Falus) and Eve is He-Vau-He ( Mind, Body and Emotion).

This was what was discussed above, about nine months of pregnancy are in position at the time lunar receiving the sunlight, as well as changes in women, making the assumption that the soul is given to man, via the sperm, that flow to the view that "... ... Ruach" (soul in Hebrew), was present in semen, and that the woman's menstrual cycle has no soul, and that it only has a soul - in the view-phallic sun, when she is pregnant with a male subject.

Thus the woman is quoted in this form of Sexual Magic as "... Cup ..." or cup and the practitioner must shed all his blood - the Duma - for within this canopy, and then get rid of everything is not the Spirit-Soul-Sol.
This drama is the representative of the birth of a Nosferatu, as one might see by simple observation, it is a body without life (Blood is Life in the book of monotheistic).

The woman here is seen as Marah, the Great Sea associated with Binah, which is the door to "Qlipoth, the so-called shells or prostitutes", which comprises what is called the Tree of defects or death (as opposed to the tree of life that is a symbol of Adam Kadmon, within sight of phallic sun), and is also the term used by rabbis to describe the soul of those who are not part of the Jewish people, as can be read in the Talmud and Torah.

Sexual Magic Solar Phallic takes into account the polar opposite to the masculine as the culmination of all forms of events or impediments within their designs, and because of that was very common for many styles of Gnostics who appeared after the Essenes, cite that women should strive for rebirth as a man, in order to evolve toward the spiritual realm, because in its current state it would be impossible.

Now let us analyze the view Vulvo-Lunar!

Within the concepts Dravidian, Vanir and the Celtic Woman is the goddess incarnate and its cycles is all power given.

There is indicated that the power to give life of the woman, and only one can be sure about who is the mother of a child, can not be said to his father, being relegated to the male act of attending a woman in her mission to life, as an appendix needed to add links to the lunar mysteries.

The woman is just like the Earth and Moon, and so these two goddesses are those that come to life and livelihoods, and should be worshiped, and properly so that the maintenance can occur.
So the male who was chosen to mate with the priestess, especially in the Spring Equinox, was slain and his body was dismembered and the part consumed, to give life to the fields with their blood as an offering to the Goddess, during the sacred cycle of New Moon, Dark Moon or that comes to the pinnacle of the Menstrual Cycle.

In this system, the moon that in his approximately 28 days gives a complete turn around itself, includes the whole universe, and the period of menses is the sacred spot where the Great Sea flows through the Universal Goddess incarnate to bring to life all the servants of power and passion and ecstasy.

Here the "Menstruum" is the great secret, and the semen is only the background and the small element that is part of the game Freiaj, Kali or Kerridwen, his delight in his living Vulva, the world itself to be plowed by the God who come to be sacrificed after ejaculation because the penis dies after joy, and the way it should it occur with Herne the end of the acts.

It is this concept that the earliest Egyptians came to understand that the Vulva and the sarcophagus or tomb, contains similar symbolism, and are extensions, so the same word is used in Egypt for both.

Therefore, if a sexual advance was given the invocations Goetic, a woman would have every advantage to do them because the lunar cycle offers to have the presence of all 72 Goetic spirits in a single month, for appropriate action that can be given the operation itself, and if solar-phallic should expect the course of the year, and subsequent division into 36 deaneries daytime and nighttime 36 deaneries, to rely on them according to standards that can be found in the Goetia.

Therefore, if you look at the spells they use and the secrets of sexual ecstasy given to practice with them, we note that the approach will tend to one view or another, which leads to a very strange situation.

There is no work dealing with the point of view vulvo-lunar magic dealing with secrets, and there are few approaches to sexual magic vulvo-moon that are really expressive!

This was combined with abundant literature that press phallic solar system, and then derived using only the system of "spermo-gnosis," which was pictured above.

Thus were born the practices that are cited in the Libri Thelema "... Agape vel Liber C vel Azoth ...".

Libri This juice contains all the formulas Phallic-Solares, and associated with Christian conceptions, as a way both to summarize them as a formula to express the sacredness of a phallus on Earth, representing the sun in the sky, and here we understand the view that they used, where the semen is there quoted as being "... Light ..", as opposed to darkness, and the sight of Crowley exhaustively linked the so-called "Black Brothers ... .. . ... Brothers and Dark ...", those that have not adopted the formula used for this type of magic, and not shed the blood back to the Cup of Babalon, and not only filled with light, denying the Blood or Duma.

For Women or Cup, or Qlipoth port of Peel is ...", door to the "Dark ... Marah ...", the Great Primordial Ocean, quoted in the book of dogmatic monotheistic which states that:" .. . the beginning of the Demiurge Spirit hovered over the waters ...".

Ultimately this Libri was written in a political, to be attractive to the close ties made by Crowley with Freemasonry, and attended to their own points of view he has given at some point in their lives.

At one point his way, Crowley said Therion was just like the Adam and Babalon, and was such that Eve, thereby associating the formula Thelemic in his understanding, the method phallic sun, and their views taken into consideration a particular critics often forget to mention.

The Sun is a star, and Thelema "... Every man and every woman is a star ...", this was the hook for thought Crowley's able to bring the formula-phallic sun, more so than now was until then!

Thus the woman is seen as the moon that shines, that is, only has light because the sun gets.

We might ask ourselves if there is anything else that gives strength to these concepts, to make them as active now as they were in their infancy?

And we say yes, yes miserably!

If you look at the books written by women, as students of the occult practitioners of witchcraft, or even free thinkers in the sciences, philosophy, art or religion, we note one factor that goes unnoticed by most people, with rare exceptions.

Both Blavatisk as Dion Fortune, and many other writers, to defend their points of view to the general public eager for their texts, they are perfect, what greatly defended themselves saddled as the perfection of the phallic-solar system, as opposed to darkness damnation of the vile cult of the moon shadows!

The Logos that both argued, is one of their biggest bases of support, the inferiority of the feminine principle that there is seen as being linked to materiality and the shadows of the unconscious psyche, in the Mental and Spiritual Brightness Male, from Adam.

The male and female behavior that was discussed early in this little work contains much that can be said about the mental and social structure, usually found in both the ordinary means of human society, and in terms of religion of that society.

As we see, is the fault of women in much of the female point of view has been discarded, and also be so clumsy with the way it is seen in places where it occurs or has occurred, as the phallic solar system!

Thelema notes that "... Every man and woman are just stars ...", it could be said that the view of phallic sun is closest to, and that women should be absorbed as the Gnostic concept, however it will be only an appendage just like the man is an appendix in the system Vulvo-Lunar, as mentioned above.

Soon our key to the understanding and study, must adopt other ways.
Paths better and correct!

Part 3: Truthfulness, Will and the Way!

In Thelema is said that Nuit is the infinite space and endless stars there, and Hadith is mentioned as one that burns in the heart of every star.

Thus, this fire that is clearly understood in the human being as the Kundalini, burns at the core of every star, and soon "... Every man and every woman, are stars ..."!

Thus the infinite space that contains the infinite stars there, contains "... Every man and every woman ..." because "... Every man and woman, are stars ...".

And it follows that the true will, to each of Thelema, initially discovered through the operation dubbed "... Invocation of the Holy Guardian Angel ...", or" ... Not Born ...", where the Himself to each one uses is a dress, that such and which processes the Shinto shrine where everything has a Kami (god) - everything has an essence and a sense of direction - gives him the formula of his own personal deity, the means by which your Khabar (star in Egyptian, as well as the most sacred among the subdivisions of the subtle bodies of the Egyptian tradition) can come to shine.

So this formula is the act of discovery of the personal will, that they can then be a star in fact.

Kundalini rises towards the Sahasrara, the lotus petals Infinite - Nuit - Primordial Nothingness.

This Primordial Nothing - Nuit - It will shed its nectar is Samadi - Ecstasy - the expansion of consciousness, when inflamed by Kundalini, and it flows down, overflowing just like the nectar of the gods in the Soma Chakra (located just above the Ajna Chakra), and for his influence alters the functioning pituitary gland and pineal gland, which has among other things to settle all the other glands and control them, and the gland is regulated by both glands mentioned above, are precisely the sex glands, both the male and the female.

These changes generate the elements of sensory distortion present in semen and menstruation priests or priestesses, and are used as "... Amhita-Nectar ...", in sexual rituals.

But the formulas above, as they are adulterated by inadequate views cited above, can never give full effect to the proposal TheLima explicitly in Liber Al vel Legis!

So then we thought, what is missing and what can be done to make full use of Sexual Magic, unimpeded!
First we must think in the context with which we deal now, we see that the formulas based on the Bible, Koran, Talmud, Torah, Sepher yetzirath, Bible, Vedas, Tantras and other systems are incomplete.
Also the methodology Celtic, Vanir and Hindu Vulvas-Moon, departing from similar mistakes and hit head on with similar questions.

We then look for the method and the symbol that both ally themselves with the Liber Al vel Legis, and are apart from the aforementioned flaws.

Based on the formula then Thelemic, then observe some of their capacities, this approach proves a viable alternative.

In thelema is said that "... Every man and every woman is a star ..." and and "... For he is ever a sun, and she a moon. But to him is the winged secret flame, and she descended starlight ...".

It is also stated that "... Tzaddi is not the Star ...", a statement that dictates a change in use of Atus Tarot, as well as a categorical statement which is allied with other Al vel Legis, which together dictate the formulas of the old Aeon should be left aside, as well as that "... Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols that assign ..."!

It turns out that there is a key to awaken coincident with the time of Liber Al vel Legis have been unveiled to the world, and that the anagrams of the key characters and details directly aligns with the Saxon language, with the roots of Breton and gives vent to order and value of the English alphabet!

In this methodology we find so great store, that just says its symbols in a character whose title is "... Man or humanity ...", and contains within its traditional roots several points in common with Al vel Legis, in such lot that it is impossible not to consider them, to see if there are more than "co-incidences"!

So, back to Liber Al, and pay attention to this important passage that in part of Nuit:

"... My incense is of resinous woods & gums, and there
 is no blood therein: because of my hair the trees of Eternity ... "

Then let's note another passage in the same part:
"... See! Aiwass is revealed by the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat ... "

The attentive reader will wonder exactly where there are points of connection between one thing and another thing?

Simply "Aiwass ... ..." is a word that has its roots in the language of the Visigoths, where we find "... AIWS ..." (which is pronounced exactly the same as Aiwass), which means ".. . Eternity, Age or Aeon ..."!

Should also be much more clear to understand, the plot that deals with this passage from Al vel Legis, part of Hadith:

"... There is a great danger in me for who does not understand these runes shall make a big mistake. He falls into the pit called Because, and there he shall perish with the dogs of Reason ... "

The Visigoths are an Aryan tribe that dominated the whole region of Spain and northern Portugal, and set up a kingdom called Gothiland, and are related to the Germanic and Nordic peoples, and their language is an extremely close relative of both the High German and Lithuanian, and Saxon and Breton giving rise to the English language, derived directly from this relationship!

"... Eternity is the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat ..." is a statement that defines elements linked to the formula of the spirit for the rest of the elements, since those factors "is a Hoor ... baby in an egg ... "- implying directly into the Hindu symbol for the spirit that is ovoid Dark - and eternity implies the passage of aeons, which are also quoted in Al vel Legis, and and are listed as one of the synonyms Gothic word "... AIWS ...". Finally, the passage of time limited to 4 elements and not the spirit that resides in the "... eternity of aeons ..."!

Amid the tradition of the Visigoths, the Germanic and Nordic find the word "... Aces ...", that was used based on the Bohemians to engender the taro in the way we know it, citing the higher powers connected with earth, fire , air and water.

But "Aces ... ..." is the term he uses in the Nordic tradition to set the gods of heaven (there are other related terms are Aesir - Old Norse, Ansjus - Gothic, Az - Southern Europe, Asa - Iceland -- Bohemio, Asen - Empire).

And "... aces ..." deities are found in various traditions spread around the world and generated by the migration of Gutian, where fought and won (Azag and U-ansar - Sumerian, Ashura - Hindu, tiev - linked the Aesir Tiwhas Ziu source or ancient Greek Zeus, AESUS - name for Dagda Celtic Goidelic).

Now, among the most ancient gods of Aesir tradition, we find Ve, Vili and Odin, whose names are Germanic LODUR, Hœnir and Wotan.

Is now the seizure of more than one point of unsuspected link to this tradition, for only in the northern traditionalism find a god whose name means exactly the same as the word of the Law within Thelema.
Yes because "... Thelema ..." means "... Will ...", and" ... Will ... "is the exact translation of" ... Vili ...", a so-called Primordial Aesir, ie one of the first 3.

Going forward, we also have very interesting correlations.

"Ve" - the sacred - is directly correlated with "LODUR" - Fire.

Odin - Fury or Inflation Spiritual binds with Wotan - same translation.

And if we see the thelemic texts quoted above, where it is stated:

"... For he is ever a sun, and she a moon. But to him is the winged secret flame, and she descended the starlight ... "

Realize a simple overlap another interesting observation, because in what is called the Principal Axis Aesir (Vi-Vili, Odin), we Hadith directly to the "Sacred Fire ... ...", and Nuit" or Fury ... Inflation Spiritual ...", the law is the "Mind and Will ... ...".

At about the Aesir directly should also be mentioned that in the northern tradition, these 3 Aesir Primordial found two trees with the human aspect, and gave them their present 3:

"... I saw Lodus gave them the Senses and the Fire! Hœnir-Vili gave them mind! Wotan-Odin blew them Odr - spirit or rage! And so was born the first human pair Ask and Embla ... "(referring to two trees of which one is a elms).

By studying the text, this implies directly with the mysteries, where the human is seen as being to live in "... eternal vegetative state ...", and make contact with the" Vital ... Fire - Kundalini with Your True Will - His Law, and His Spiritual Essence - Your Personal Core and Divinity ...", is to really live and exist with the divine breath into your being!

The "... Descending Starlight ...", implies directly with Sahasrara Chakra and his pickup, with the Pure Spirit living beyond the boundaries of the Primal Nothing!

It turns out that the northern tradition, we find 3 different situations of the ordinary, inertia and constriction eternal cold and poisonous, and destructive fire expanding a boundless and infinite abyss that is eternal while not touching, and in doing so, generate reactions that are trigger the existence of primordial Aesir, where LODUR-Ve is an expression of fire Unlimited, and Hœnir-Vili is an expression of Hvelgaldhr (Source of Enchantment - galdhr to spell is similar in meaning to the term Hindu mantra), the source from which 11 rivers flow into the Poisonous and chilled, Wotan-Odin is directly related to Vacuum or Abyss Nothing.

In hermetic systems, 11 is the Abyss, Daath in Hebrew Annwin at Celtic or Zax in Enochian, and 11 is a prime number (can only be divided by itself or by the number 1 accurately), and in Thelema is said that:
"... Divide, add, multiply, and understand ..."

"... I am the Empress & the Hierophant. Thus eleven, as my bride is eleven ... "

"... My number is eleven, as all their numbers who are of us. The Five-Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, & the circle is Red. My color is black to the blind, but blue and gold are seen of the seeing. Also I have a secret glory for them that love me ... "

Further, we now give attention to the other axis of the system thelemico!

Yes it thelema is constituted of two axes as well, one of which is the axis-Star of Nuit / Hadith, and the other is the axis-Terrestrial Therion / Babalon.

If Therion is male, black Cabara the Sabbath, God's horns (Herne, Bacchus, Adad, Dionysus, etc ...) and Babalon is the scarlet woman, the priestess, the goddess (Kerridowen, Aphrodite, Inanna, Venus etc. ...).

The traditional north is constituted not only a set of gods, the Aesir, but also a totally different axle and differential of the gods of earth, called the Vanir (linked to groups very old and prior to that southern Celtic gained prominence in the region north before the arrival of the descendants of Gutian - which incidentally are the ancestors of the Goths as well).

These gods totally unrelated to the Celtic cult of DHEAS, the Hindu term Siddhi, to the Germanic Sithi (custody of the offering), had as main representatives Freir and Freija (literally Lord and Lady, or God and Goddess).

Freir is seen with the eternally erect penis, and is seductive and warrior.

Freija is mistress of witchcraft and the sexual arts, and indeed the shamanic tradition that binds to it is called specifically Spae-Craft, and deals with the "... Sexual Trance to spell or astral travel ..."!

We thus note that once again we have enormous common ground between the two traditions, so that a better study on the biggest key of sex magic, the magic elixir, it can be distilled through the northern tradition.
The clear clash of cultures Aesir and Vanir was a merger, and this merger resulted in the Vanir cult among the Nordic and the Druids among the Celts.

However, in the tradition, the Lore, originally transmitted orally from one generation to another, and kept in rare texts (such as the excellent Grimminismal) and Edda of Snorri Sturluson, we find a war between the Ases and Vanes, which resulted in a Another major key, mainly targeted to the practitioners of Sexual Magic:

After the confrontation, Ansjus and Wanus decided that peace was the correct one. Thus met all the Aesir and Vanir all around a Bowl - Glass used for sacred acts as twinnings blood, and made of wood - and spit it their essences, and generated with this god Kvasir, who was the linked to birth vanen to stay this way essentially linked from Heaven to Earth.

Kvasir is the god of inspiration and of Perfect Wisdom, and two Swartalfs - beings that inhabit the worlds of the dark heart of the earth, and can not be exposed to light - and Galar Fjalar the sacrificed and its blood mixed with honey, thus engendering the Oddhoerir or Mead of Perfect Wisdom and Inspiration.
After a series of problems, Odin rescued Oddhoerir who had even gone to the Hands of a being called Suttung that to get it killed Fjalar and Galar.

The Mead of Wisdom is offered by Odin to the heroes who are on Walhall, who are chosen through Walkurjas during the process of generating battles between humanity to select the worthy, who are then entitled Einjahrl (hero), and take them to Walhall .

The Einjharl drink large doses of Oddhoerir and spend their days in eternal battle, constantly regenerating itself after one match and becoming more and more perfect knowledge thanks to the Mead of Inspiration.
It is said in other legends, the Oddhoerir is another way of speaking of Odr flowing from Odin and generates both the inspiration and the Battle Bersekergar trance (which is the source of all the stories about werewolves that we find today).

Thus, all the elements aligned, we can begin to make the appropriate comments on the topic of this little work!

What Spae-Craft is to the tradition of the Vanir, the use of trance and rock vision and how to travel through the worlds Enochian is for Enochian tradition!

What Spae-Craft is for Vanes, the Bersekergar is to the Aesir, and the difference is one is connected to the earth's axis and the other axis heavenly!

As, Asa, Aces binds to "... Space and the Infinite Stars there ...", and Aces generated" ... Every man and woman, who are stars ...", since "... Mannaz is the Star and not Tzaddi ...".

A decent starlight speaks of the Big Dipper and the star Alpha Ursa Minor, Polaris or the North is Nosdro, Sirius is directly below the south-Sudre, and connects to the Hadith, and Vestri East-West League Ausdri with Therion and Babalon!

All this in astronomical terms, which are extremely important also for the tradition.

And in terms related to the inflows and alchemical distillation internal and external, have the combination Vanir-earth and Therio Babalon (Freire and Freija) and Aesir-Star of Hadith and Nuit (LODUR and Wotan), but note that it may would make a confusion because constriction not be positioned immediately to the north in this context, as has been cast, but remember that Will is Nuit vehicle, and then everything is properly understood and understood!

Fire Expansive Unlimited Surtur (subsequently seen as LODUR) activates the source of icy Hvelgaldhr Constriction Eternal (as seen subsequently Hœnir-Vili) and pour away the venom, the 11 rivers that are symbolically Poisonous such and such or so-called poisons Kalas, within Tantric, and both combined to lead "... Supreme Bliss Treat ... ... ... Oddhoerir" Primordial Nothingness, or Abyss and vacuum Nuit which concentrate with Wotan.

And this also leads to another paragraph of Liber Al vel Legis:

"... I am the secret Serpent coiled about to spring: in my spin-no joy. If I lift my head, I and my Nuit are one. If I think about my head, and ejaculate venom, then is rapture of the earth, and I are one and the earth ... "
Thus the "... Winged Serpent of Fire that is for him .." and "Starlight ... Descending is to ...", She ally without going through the silly claims Vulvo-or phallic-Lunar Solar and become forces beyond the limits of each of these systems separately or together.

This formula deals with the subject on a personal level where every man and woman, are seen as divine beings and Perfect when you combine the Axis Aesir!

In other words, this formula is heavenly internal and individual!

The dual or multiple sets of ritual combined with the sexual act in Tantrism is called Maithuna (sexual act using the knowledge to direct the orgasms and sexual means for magical or transcendental), deals directly with the Earth axis or Vanir, and thus understand that the seven chakras that are symbolized by the seven seals of the apocalyptic book dull dogmatic of the demiurge, and the Seven Heads of the Beast of Revelation - which also form part of filthy statements monotheistic, but they are primarily a struggle of plagiarism Marduk and Tiamat, or with the Enki Azag Aphikalluh Sibyl, which were two pieces of adulterated and plagiarists of the ancient tradition of the Sumerians, with an excuse to pursue the cult of Dagon and the other six Aphikalluh, both in Babylon and other cities Sumerian state - are forms of representation that are linked with the figure of Therion-Freire, and the Scarlet Woman, Babalon-Freija is that the Ride (since Freija and nuns are married but are also brothers).

Thus, one of the above formulas represents the Holy Spirit Ritual of Internal Saphira Star!

The other formula represents the Holy Spirit quoted Foreign Ritual Saphira Star!

And both should only be understood as the Great Key of the Supreme Sanctuary of the Gnosis, in a manner that presents beyond the limited follow-Phallic and Solar-Lunar Vulvo exactly as submitted on the few lines above.

There are such methods of use of Sigils drawn to unleash magic, passing through the Solar Phallic idea of the Spirit (man) to deliver his will (Will and Purpose Magical) into the chalice (woman) who will "get in ... pregnancy by the act and give the Light secrecy in your being .. ".

This fits in the aforementioned formula-therion-Adam and Eve-YOD-babalon HE.VAU.HE, and a formula is limited failures have been described previously (both the permittivity of the women who do not write about the way Vulvo-Lunar , as the act on the path of demiurge that is clearly described in the same formula).

The Sigils as were mentioned above, often used in magic today, worked extensively in the eighth grade of the roads Thelemic point of excellence of the work on Chaos Magick, has its origins in a medieval library name Galdrabok, which was created in region of Iceland in 1500 the common era, and uses the runes exactly as is the description of the creation of many secrets within the system of divination that were previously cited.

At this point, we can make many comments about the sexual magic and pathways that were detailed and worked up.

The Land Axis actually handles the Moon and Sun (As we saw at the beginning of this work, the cycles are such women, and what the mood of the moon, and male behavior is similar to the Sun), and wood-Kali-Inanna-Kerridowen-Babalon to polarize now herewith, the same extent that Freir-Rudra-Herne-Tammuz-Therion will also come to do so.

Everything in the natural order of male and female, the cycles of spring and the spring mating the goodwill of the lunar and solar fire, which are also the rulers of the most vile behavior of human beings.

Measure land incurs this problem (the vulgarization of sacred and social mediocrity of the overwhelming majority of humanity), is perfect for the way it works with the Thurso (north end of the tradition that can be used to describe the Demiurge), and that use of magic that goes into its maximum to the vagaries of the Earth axis.

They are the worst things you can do, for just that is polarized with the statements of Hadith about the vices of kings and of curses against the weak, and as well as Ra-Hoor-Khuit his warnings and the scarlet woman of the old sweetness:

"... Let the Scarlet Woman beware! If pity and compassion and tenderness visit her heart if she leave my work to have fun with old sweet, so my revenge will be known. I will slay me her child: I will alienate her heart: I will cast away from men: as a prostitute at bay and despised by her crawl wet night streets, and die cold and hungry ... "

"... What a pity is off: damn them who pity! Kill and torture, spare not; be upon them ... "

"... We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice kings: stamp down the wretched & the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world. Think not, oh king, upon that lie: That Thou Must Die: verily thou shalt not die, but live. Now let it be understood: If the body of the King dissolve, he shall remain in pure ecstasy for ever. Nuit! Hadith! Ra-Hoor-Khuit! The Sun, Strength & Sight, Light; these are for the servants of the Star and the Serpent ... "

Thus, we conclude that there is no other way for those who seek to distill the true Secret of secretions, as well as its internal and external use.

But there is one last point with which sadly we have to deal!

In all styles of magic more severe or not, and in all walks of dogmatic religion or not, we find some writers or priestesses who are celebrated (eg Hypatia was one of them, and sad in all this is that it was just one of exceptions !!!!!).

Women in bathing suits usually magicians are counted by the fistful, and are found disproportionately more men (and sad in all this is that quantity is not quality, we would like).

However, except for Hypatia and a few examples, most of which remains by choice in the statements of the formula-Yod Adam and Eve-He.Vau.He, and when they do not, their efforts are intended to safe methods of staging disastrous linked to stereotypes that are either incomplete or are unrealistic.

Dion Fortune said this pitiful habit in several of his texts. But to give a form of contrast, let the following excerpt from the "Psychic Self Defense ... ...", which is its own:

"In July 1922, an Oriental, the head of a large religious order, came to visit me. (I was living in Switzerland.) Let's call him Z. I expected great things from him and saw him as a kind of Master. Knowing that he had met Abdul Baha, I thought to please him by putting a picture of A. B. the wall, but when Z. came into my room I realized that he absolutely did not like the idea. We talked for a while and he asked me several questions. Suddenly, he offered to start me in your Order. I was confused and did not feel the approval interior. I told him I needed to reflect. Later I had an inspiration (?) And said, 'Your Order is the Order of Christ? ". He replied: 'Yes,'. I told him my experience (reported above) and accepted initiation, but I had the inner conviction that something was wrong. "I felt no inner reaction to several incidents during the initiation, and began to rely mentally and sincerely to Christ, and continued to do so until the end of the ceremony. (I learned later that he had told one of his disciples that I accepted the initiation but not the Master.).
Blavatisky in turn, brings us to the Solar-Phallic essence of his statements, when we turn to Theosophy that she has done, and there we found that this system is stated in a flowery, the same flaws that monotheistic formula that is called " ... Logos-Light-Yod ...", or Thurs:

As the Age of Pisces is over, the message of your avatar - Jesus - expired. Because, they say, the teaching of Jesus was very limited because of spiritual immaturity of his generation. According to Theosophy, it is necessary to extract the hidden truths of Jesus' teaching, which the Gnostic Christians have done since apostolic times. But now is the time of Maitreya Buddha (Maitreya or Christ) to come and, ultimately, lead humanity to this new stage of evolution, starting a new era of wonders.

Wicca in turn, follows the trail of the formula Phallic or Vulvo-Solar-Lunar, never going beyond:

Pagan religions are in the West, those who focus more on their worship a Goddess Mãe.Na Wiccan religion believes in a higher power, the Great Deity, from which everything came. This higher power is worshiped in the form of two basic deities: The Great Mother and The Great Father Divine Couple This represents all the other gods of various mythologies wiccanos.Como adopted by some Wiccan traditions follow a multitude of Gods and Goddesses, the belief Pagan is that all these Goddesses and gods are all these different aspects of the Great Goddess and the Great God. Hence the saying of Wicca that says "All the goddesses are one Goddess and all gods are one God."

This axis was boarded up always assumes land, and the part that goes beyond "... Old Sweets ...", Axis Celeste, is never even touched by the Solar-Phallic or system Vulvo-Lunar, this is the error absolute largest and most grotesque of all these traditions, which also manifests itself in a shameful thought that deals with the Axis Celeste, with a "... Silly Seasonal Repetitive ...", where ever retires." .. Oddhoerir ...", because inflation does not live a mesmismo.

Therefore, it is time to go further and begin to leave "... safety ..." and folly, and to crush the weak and mercy, and make way for Hugin and Munnin (Wisdom and Memory) symbolically that are sent by worlds to seek knowledge for Wotan, which extends itself in this way!

And making it a form of northings of our deeds, let us then Oddhoerir as our ultimate goal, and let flow into the axis, in order to satisfy Wili-Thelema on Earth during the intercourse and Spae-Craft Freija Freir when Babalon rides the Therion, the cauldron of Kerridowen is filled by Awen (Will in the Druidic), and not only by talk of Herne.

Let us thus our minds to poison the rivers that spring from Hvelgaldhr but are beaten by the endless fire and caustic Surtur, behold the Abyss and the Terrible Yggr, which is the master of Württemberg-Wot-Odr, the essence Unlimited Anagram and the Gnnugagap, source Oddhoerir.

And we follow the path of Har The Most High who is in North Ensigart, and Hoor The Most High who is in South Khem, both one-eyed god of wisdom and battle.

9.3 = 3.3.3
93, 93/93

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