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Ordo Templi Orientis Mundi: A new proposal, more severe and more dynamic

Ordo Templi Orientis Mundi: 
A new proposal, more severe and more dynamic.
(By Thul Alger - english translation Drika)

There was a time when many styles of religions exist in this world proudly. 
Each of these styles reflected the way of being of his people, the mysteries connected with the clans and the unconscious mind and conscious, which appeared around the sacred objects of worship. 
In these cults were also safeguarded their knowledge of the vulgar, secret and were only communicated to those conditions had to learn, develop and pass on to others who were also worthy, forms of received wisdom. 
Then, amid the great fall of mankind, it appeared through the dogmatic and phallic worship the sun, and before that of blunders lunar vulvos mysteries came to be distorted and broken in half. 
What mattered the unwholesome thought phallic sun - in its engender the greatest insult to human knowledge - was absorbed into the monotheism devoid of any other keys and links to the great mysteries. 
The rest of the knowledge was labeled lies Ariman Djins phrases, words of demons, things Qlipoth or corruption of Tiamat - eg. 
Thus came into existence the cult of aton, the miter, the Yaveh, the Christ, the allah and other dogmatic nonsense of the same caliber. 
Persecuted all possessors of the truth and purposes they were tortured or eliminated, as was the case of Hypatia of Alexandria, came to assume absolute hegemony, but the trail was not properly covered. 
Born initiation schools related to dogmatism, from the need to redeem the past, but orphaned by knowing this, that eventually to be linked the perpetrator of knowledge as a source of pseudo-knowledge, in an attempt to rescue what has been cleared along with life grandparents of those started. 
So these came to be based on Gnosticism and Hermeticism, the light of Cabalism, they all thought forms that are structured on the concepts and solar phallic monotheistic, as was the case of the Protestant movement Rosicrucian, for example …
Also in this movement set upright, came to exist in the Enochian system, by John Dee and Edward Kelly, and no one suspected his real etymological sources, came to assume it was something innovative, and an output for the complex inferiority of Europeans in the face of not being called the chosen people. 
There was flow into the East by the eighteenth century, and it took Theosophy, which used elements were present, and brought some advances in the tradition of the Vedas, but their mistakes continued on to say subservience to the evils of the earth, as Theosophy says that there was a Jesus - although it is known today that this is an invention of Constantine, a coup political / economic / religious - and beyond, taking a ride on the concepts about the Hindu avatars Vishnu said that Theosophy would have contained the missing Jesus Christ called the Gnostics, that this Christ in theosophy is called Maitreya - which is a term for the next Buddha who will come to reign with the new methodology on the earth. 
Then added to the hermetic theosophical concepts linked to contact with ascended masters - for example with Saint Germain, who was a known con man and addicted to games between the medieval and modern, who paid his dues by selling the sexual services of his wife, and to the believers in general, claimed to be an alchemist - with the backdrop kabbalism generated many occultists and occult groups, as was the case of the Golden Dawn, Inner Light, Aurum Solens and OTO Mundi and the Astrum Argentum . 
The Thelema, originally supposed to base the Astrum Argentum, came to be included in the OTO when Crowley entered this Order. 
Born movement thelema, a book that was received by the less informed described as "... possession ...", by Rose Kelly, wife of Aleister Crowley, occultist known linked to solar phallic branches described above, which hard urged to take up arms against the crimes committed against the royal rights, and eliminate the specter of a liar centuries, placing them against monotheism against the formulas initiation incomplete and doctored, as has been reported, while making room for the keys the human inner wisdom were sought among the etymology of people kept in their languages, the keys of those who generated the similarities of the traditions and knowledge around the world, since before the fall of Sargon III. 
However, unlike use of Liber Al vel Legis as a North to his deeds and surveys, the Great Beast generated by different words, a cult which was committed in every way the same solar phallic crimes known to the public, and in fact they all duly mentioned above, one of their biggest attacks on Al vel Legis, said the key "... the Supreme Sanctuary of the Gnosis ..." o "... Agape vel Liber Liber C vel Azoth ... "where Christ and failures solar phallic virtues are extolled as being the focus of this worship there the phallus, and the nectar of wisdom from the standpoint of Crowley, semen, right in the magical mystery of misogyny solar and phallic. 
However, it took decades and more than six of them after Crowley's death triggered a war of egos and supposed rights on the work of Crowley phallic sun, where there was the smallest and most remote trace of difference between the demanding and there is progress only in certain data within the path suggested by Grant, and finally there was a shift in purpose. 
An heir of the lines described above, Frater Aster - and the heir of this - trying to keep their views as the real representatives of the focus solar and phallic, sought by those who could support their views, given the fact that both the human material of pseudo Thelemites turns out to be negligible or tolerable, when the ongoing strife of war of greed and ego, linked to the solar system and phallic disguise of Thelema. 
Over time, the wyrd in all this took them to the Frater Wut, an expert on the occult and Satanism, who noticed such things as what they were, and inquired the matter with other known his. 
They all agreed that the OTO as it was until that moment, was a disastrous venture, and intended to be a mockery of worship the demiurge, just like the works of Crowley in his life. 
However, they all knew that Liber Al vel Legis, the source of Thelema (though hardly practiced by the overwhelming majority), and is a library of modern high-value, and they all knew keys hidden within it, that Crowley or fought all his life to hide, or ever had knowledge of them (out of foolishness or prejudice fanatic), just as mentioned in Liber Al vel Legis Third chapter 47 verse of Ra Hoor Khuit. 
Thus, there was harmony in order to generate a "... crush the weak ..." in favor of "Law ... Fort ...", and came along with Frater Wut, for the OTO Mundi, Soror the Scathach and FraterYggr Ramms. 
Long did not take long for the purpose of going beyond subservience to crawl monotheistic clashes with the intent to be only an exponent of the demiurge in society, and the shock of Frater Aster that at no time cared for the safety of students, acting only because of his ego and solar and phallic knowledge, such and such listed in the "Liber ... C. .." above, simply abandoned the Order without giving warnings, assuming your ex and his heir would affect it negatively, and not realizing that it just took the remaining members, willing to extrapolate begging dogma, to work according to the Law of the Fort freely, thus creating something which so far had not been thought out and not dared, because of fear , disability and cognitive blockade of pseudo-occult, and supposed to start. 
As a result of his departure, the Order has become even stronger with the presence of the Brothers and Surtur Skr, which resulted in a major advance for the training of students as well as for implementation of all methods and practices and initiatory ritual. 
The sum of all these magicians Ocultisas and resulted in the only direction that the OTO has Mundi, which is the only one that can proudly cross the boundaries of cognitive locks and subservient begging the demiurge, the rest of this so-called ways and means initiation, which are within the scope of phallic solar system or its part also nasty against the vulva lunar system, both in possession of anything other than misogyny and "... masculofobia ...". 
Thus, from this moment, the order has followed toward its internal work and its external contacts, and is provided with all sound knowledge and practice magic, many years, which is in the hands of its Supreme Council: 
Frater Wut, Thiudans the OTO Mundi - all experienced in the methodology of the occult, who knows the historical crimes committed by Christianity and monotheism general, knowing the ways of Modern Satanism, and also experienced in the uses of Enochian magic and ritual and ceremonial; 
Soror Scathach - Expert knowledge in Celtic and Druidic, also having been state secretary of the college Druidic Brazil, experienced in the use of Enochian upon learning of the uses of Cabalism and knowledgeable of the vices of the same, experienced in the practice of Thelema, criticism of present methods misogynist it, and possessed of excellent methods and applications in northern traditions and Euro-Southern; 
Frater Skr (Seker) - Student and tiring for several years in most systems of magic - many of them dedicated to Liber Al vel Legis and practices similar to it - taking a practical Goetica Invocation and uses the non-monotheistic "... Not Born ... "very well detailed for free access to the public, practicing sexual magic and magic Egyptian / Setian. 
Frater Surtur - The most knowledgeable and respected practitioner of magic Arabic and Bonpo system, as well as the oldest and most important practitioner of magic linked to the ways of the road proposed by the Black Order. 
Frater Yggr Ramms - Practitioner and student of the occult for many years, perfecting himself in the tradition of Sumerian, Enochian, Thelemic and finally the northern routes and paths, which are the real source and linked to both the unnamed Dee, as the keys of Liber Al vel Legis and bind even the Sumerian tradition, as evidenced by the signs and the cosmogony of both systems.

The Law of the Strong, this is our law and Joy of the World!
Love is the Law Love under Will!
9.3 = 3.3.3

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