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The True about the Sacred Third Eye and the One-Eyed Gods in the World!

Háils Visigoth´s!
Háils to all Heathens, in the world!

The pituitary and the Eye of Horus, and the Pituitary and the eye of Shiva, just as the pituitary and the eye of Odin / Wotan / Wodanaz.

Horus the winged one-eyed God and Wotan the winged one-eyed God.

Horus who lost his eye in battle, and Wotan who lost his eye to Mimir, to acquire wisdom drinking of Hvelmimir, with the Gllarhorn - which will blow Ragnarock's warning, the coming of winter, the Wulf Time - in Jotunheim.

Shiva and his third eye, the pituitary itself.

And finally the Eye in the center of the triangle of Freemasonry.

So why Freemasons do not start working for the truth, and the real knowledge and continue to remain stuck to monotheism, which attacks the source of your own knowledge?

Justly, because in the Freemasonary, Baphometh is no longer present, just a long time!

And the pentagram on the forehead  Baphometh symbolizes, the awakened of the Woman and the Man, on your 5 Senses and Five Elements, guided by the wisdom of Haoma, Soma, Amrita,GODS MEAD the Blood of Kvasir, the nectar of the gods that overflows the activation of the pituitary, through the practice of shamanism, occultism, witchcraft real , magic and real occultism.

Remember all of you, that the Wotan name in the Hävamäl is "...HAR...", ahd that the Egptyan ancient Horus name is "...Har...", and that the Gutian migration, which  dominated of Uruk region of King Sargon, for over 100 years, and that spread everywhere, are true responsible by  the existence of anything approaching the ancient traditions - such as Austrakokis, Yggdrasil, Eomersyl, Halupu, Inanna going to save Aralluh Dumuzi, the Song of Brosingamen, Hell and Hereshikigal, Kur and Garm, and Aralluh Hellheim, and most importantly, the oldest name of Odin / Wotan / Wodanaz / Hroptatyr - the Raven God - is Gaut, which binds to Gutianos etymologically, and that this don`t means to say that all old religions are the same religion, but it means that there is a path of wisdom to be followed by each person through his blood, and that there is a responsibility to protect this road, follow this path, and to develop and improve every moment, and that knowledge in each of these paths should be discovered, and should be used to extremes in the name of truth and a better way and much more honorable, to all humanity.

For it is a fact that the Witchcraft for most of people, is the  religion for some people more wisdom, and mainly, is the highest Science of a Few and Bealty Qeens and Kings of Earth!

Aistan Falkar a.k.a. Thul Alger.

On behalf of Clan Falkar and Ordo Templi Orientis Mundi.

Witubini jah Mahts.

9.3 = 3.3.3
93, 93/93

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